224 Gigabits Per Second?

Imagine every light bulb in use today as a wireless hotspot delivering connectivity at speeds that can only be dreamed of with Wi-Fi. This is no longer a science fiction with the invention of LiFi technology by the Professor Harald Haas which has proved to transmit data at a speed, 100 times faster than current…… Continue reading 224 Gigabits Per Second?

Don’t be NAKED online

Naked??? We all feel shy when we hear that word but in electronic world there are people who go naked. What am I talking about? Posting pictures online? Something related to but not exactly, I’m talking about Social-Networking and Personal data threat. Almost everyone talks about this but who cares, nobody. As I used the…… Continue reading Don’t be NAKED online


What is this internet of things??? The meaning of Internet of things is simply ‘connecting smart devices’. In other words, connecting devices, vehicles, buildings or other items which have electronics, software or sensors embedded; for the purpose of collecting and exchanging data is called the internet of things.     How internet of things can…… Continue reading INTERNET OF THINGS