What is this internet of things???
The meaning of Internet of things is simply ‘connecting smart devices’. In other words, connecting devices, vehicles, buildings or other items which have electronics, software or sensors embedded; for the purpose of collecting and exchanging data is called the internet of things.




How internet of things can be help to us???
Internet of things can be of assistance to develop the efficiency of different fields in today’s context. Perks of adapting internet of things include improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefits. Therefore many fields tend to move towards adapting to internet of things concept. Followings are few of the major areas which benefited from executing internet of things.

Media: media and big data are two interconnected concept as the media industry move away from traditional approaches and move towards to the consumers with technology in order to reach target audience at optimal times in optimal locations. In other words internet of things allows media industry to target customers and capture data more efficiently.

Environmental monitoring: this can be applicable via use of sensors to assist the environmental protection by monitoring air or water quality, atmospheric or soil condition, movement of wildlife and their habitats etc. internet of things also can be applicable as a warning technique to earthquakes and tsunamis as well
Infrastructure management: internet of things can be used for monitoring and controlling the operations of infrastructure in urban and rural areas such as bridges, railway tracks, on and off shore wind farms etc.

Manufacturing: internet of things can facilitate manufacturing under following ares
⦁ Network control and management of equipment
⦁ Asset and situation management
⦁ Manufacturing process control
⦁ Rapid manufacturing of new products
⦁ Dynamic response to product demand
⦁ Time optimization of production and supply chain management

Energy management: integration of electronic devices will enable smart power consuming, As it aids systematical annalist of power consumption patterns of the consumers. By communicating these patterns utility supply company, they will be able to effectively balance power generation and energy usage.
Medical and healthcare: internet of things can be used to facilitate remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems. This also can be applied to monitor the health and general well being of senior citizens.

Transportation: by integrating the communication in transportation systems, internet of things facilitate intra vehicular communication, smart traffic control, smart parking, e-troll collection systems, vehicle control and safety and road assistance.
There are many advantages in internet of things. This can help individuals, businesses, and society on a daily basis.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet of things???
Internet of things encourages the communication between devices, also known as machine to machine communication. Because of this, the physical devices are able to stay connected and hence the total transparency is available with lesser inefficiencies and greater quality. and also due to physical objects getting connected and controlled digitally with wireless infrastructure, there is a large amount of automation and control in the workings and the amount of time saved because of internet of things. Further the biggest advantage of internet of things is saving money. We can be alerted in case of possible disputes, breakdowns, and damages to the system. Hence, we can save money by using this technology.

In the mentioned advantages and also there are several challenges such as compatibility problems can exist in this technology. Compatibility issues may result in people buying appliances from a certain manufacturer, Internet of things is a diverse and complex network, this can lead to unemployment issues in the society, and our lives will be increasingly controlled by technology, and will be dependent on it.

By ; S. Keerthana & R.P.P.S. Rathnasighe


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