Is Whatsapp a Social Media or Communication Tool?

This was one of the questions that suddenly popped into our heads amidst our routine discussions. We were all unable to arrive at one conclusion as everyone brought in constructive arguments that proved each other’s points. Consequently the team decided to seek the views of fellow undergraduates.

To brief you on what whatsapp is; it is a creation of Jan Koum and Brian Acton, introduced as an alternative for SMS, where they wanted to ensure their product design enhanced worldwide communication at any given time without any disruptions.

The popularity of the app has drawn over 1 million users of 180 countries to stay in touch with their loved ones.

The views of many individuals brought in the following facts:

“Whatsapp is a communication tool that is widely used to stay connected and in touch. Why I say so is, your loved ones are always a finger tip away and literally it’s all about “What’s up?”

“It is a cross message platform, which ensures that only your saved contacts could get connected with you”

“It is a real time text transmission over the internet”

“It is one to one communication mostly if not Facebook or twitter could have been used”

“It’s where we speak to each other freely which is perfect for a quick hello”

“It is a safety messaging platform with end to end encryptions”

As per the mini chats we had with fellow undergraduates, they had the view that whatsapp is a safety communication platform that simply and reliably connects each other which does not limit to text messages but to many more from photos, videos to documents. It also seamlessly sync all the conversations that happens at once enabling convenience. It worries you less over Rupees spent per minute for calls whereby anyone could connect with each other beyond boundaries.

The technology marvels you every day with innovations that keep you connected every moment.

By ; Imalka Dilshani & Yasasi Bandaranayake


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